GolfMecca Teaching Studio


GMJA has established GolfMecca Center to provide students with the facility where they can fully evaluate their swings, putting strokes and custom fit their clubs. At GolfMecca Center, the most advanced and latest PGA Tour standard teaching technologies such as V1 Pro, Quintic, Trackman Pro, and Focusband are available. The students at GMJA will not only utilize these technologies to improve their games, but also regularly evaluate their club fits to ensure their clubs are properly fitted for their bodies and swing characteristics at all times.GolfMecca Teaching Studio is the first and only teaching studio that is equipped with the entire PGA Tour standard teaching technologies. The students at GMJA are ensured that they will improve their games at one of the finest teaching studios and facilities in Canada.


V1 Pro:  A swing analysis program recording swings at 4 different angles for a thorough analysis. It is favored by PGA Tour professionals such as Tiger Woods.



Quintic System:A putting analysis program recording and analyzing the putting strokes to help golfers to acquire consistent putting strokes. Rory McIlroy utilizes Quintic to improve his putting game.



Trackman Pro:A ball flight analysis program providing information needed to custom fit clubs for all individuals. It is used by PGA Tour pros such as 2013 US Open Champion Justin Rose to fit their clubs as well as to improve their ball flights.



Focusband:A mind control and mental routine training program helping golfers to improve their mental games. It is favored by Tiger Woods, Jason Day and many other PGA Tour professionals.