GolfMecca Junior Academy

GMJA was started eight years ago with Tommy Lee, a Class A CPGA professional. He has been dedicated in helping juniors in pursuit of their dreams whether it is to become a professional golfer or to successfully enterprestigious universities while receiving golf scholarships. He has seen the need of such academy where it helps students who are in need of great support in successfully entering prestigious universities; therefore, he has established a partnership between GMJA and School District 42 to ensure all of our students of successful admissions to prestigious universities with golf scholarship offers.GMJA provides the most suitable golf education by adopting elitist teaching staff and PGA Tour standard teaching technologies to help juniors to perfect their games. The students who graduate from GMJA will experience the great advantages they have over other students whether they are in universities studying, or playing golf at NCAA Division I in pursuit of becoming a professional golfer. It is important to note that 75% of PGA Tour professionals had entered universities with golf scholarship offers.

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Homestay selection gives priorities to homes that have passed home-stay qualification standard, are located near schools, and have had international students before. Moreover, homes that belong to school district’s employees and teachers are considered the most suitable. All the homes considered for home-stay must be above-average income Canadian households, and must pass the school district’s preliminary selection and then MIEP’s secondary selection procedure. Assignment of home-stay is based on single-room single-student occupancy, unless the students are siblings or under special circumstances and require grouping. There is a twice-a-month mandatory visit to the home-stay to check the students’ satisfaction level and to resolve any problems or complaints that may have occurred during their stays.