Students requiring a homestay will be placed in a home within reasonable distance of their school. Warm, caring families with comfortable homes are carefully chosen to host your children during their stay in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Placements will be in single-family dwellings with English speaking families to provide stability and depth to students’ cultural education and to support their English Language studies.

Students who do not require a homestay placement because they will be residing with a relative or other responsible person (an adult age 25 or over) will be accepted into the education program and must complete the Homestay Exemption Form.

Students applying to the secondary program who wish to live on their own or with other students will not be accepted into the program.


Homestay selection gives priorities to homes that have passed SD42’s selection standard, are located near schools, and have had international students before. Moreover, homes that belong to school district’s employees and teachers are considered the most suitable. All the homes considered for home-stay must be above-average income Canadian households, and must pass the school district’s preliminary selection. Assignment of home-stay is based on single-room single-student occupancy, unless the students are siblings or under special circumstances and require grouping. There is a twice-a-month mandatory visit to the home-stay to check the students’ satisfaction level and to resolve any problems or complaints that may have occurred during their stays.

At GMJA, we ensure the safe and comfortable living conditions for all of our students during their stays.