Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

The city of Maple Ridge is located alongside Fraser River, and is a perfect place for people who enjoy outdoor adventure. As one of the most beautiful cities in Vancouver, Maple Ridge is a combination of both urban sophistication and rural comfort. There are numerous arts and recreational programs happening throughout the year, such as Jazz and Blues festival, Maple Ridge exhibition, and Santa Clause exhibition. The town center is the main area of city activity and where all the leisure, recreational, educational, social and sports facilities are located.

According to the UN and other international survey institutions, Canada has been selected as the best country of residency. Among all the cities in Canada, Vancouver has been known for its nature, lifestyle, and living conditions as it boasts great educational, health, and social benefits. Vancouver is also a much safer place to live and study compared to its neighboring country of the United States of America where crime rate is much higher. In addition to this,Canada is composed of people from all over the world, and as a consequence various cultures harmoniously coexist within the country under the government’s multicultural policy. For many centuries, Canadians have learned to appreciate each other’s culture and unique history, which resulted in the formation of ‘mosaic culture’ that has flourished among Canadians. Therefore, students will be able to experience diverse cultural aspects and meet people from all over the world, thereby establishing better understanding of globalism. Furthermore, Canada’s educational system has been internationally recognized for its tradition and excellence. Canada is the top country among all the OECD member countries that invest the most amount of GDP in pursuing better education, and all the public schools are under the supervision of the provincial government, which guarantees that every public school meets the adequate level of educational standard. Most major universities are also public, meaning that even universities are under the super- vision of the provincial government to ensure the quality of education.