Prepare Your Future

The students with dreams of life are often misguided or misled to wrong directions and often fail to fulfill their dreams. At GMJA, we deliver programs, coaching and opportunities to make them come true. Our coaching team has developed a significant number of students into National team members and all of our students have either received an admission offers or have entered universities with golf scholarship offers.


The flow chart aboveshows the steps which all of our students will go through. Determining an ultimate goal as well as an annual goal will increase the motivation among students in pursuit of their dreams. The counselor and coach will develop an appropriate plan of actions for each student to follow. The students will follow the daily schedules developed to suit each individual and check progressions monthly. The purpose of monthly profession check is to receive feedback from students and to better guide students toward fulfilling their dreams. The year-end achievement check as well as counseling sessions will be taken place at the end of each year to check whether the student has achieved the annual goals set in the start of a year. The counseling session will be provided to each student to make sure they are motivated and to keep them on the right track. If the counselor discovers the need in changing the student’s plan of actions, the implementation on plan of actions will be made accordingly. With GMJA’s well-structured curriculum, the students will receive the best support and guidance and we ensure the parents that their children are always on right track in pursuit of their dreams.