Scholarship Counseling Program

scOne of the greatest dividends of developing a highly skilled golf game is a scholarship to a U.S. college or university. In many ways, a scholarship is a return on the investment in time and certainly the money that you and your family have put into elevating your golf game and life skills. Whether your goals are to play on the world’s top tours or success in business, a college education is one of the most important milestones to achieving your goals.

At GMJA, our counselor work closely with students in helping them secure the best college scholarship for their needs. Our scholarship counselor will advise students on the process of seeking scholarships, provides guidance on strategies for recruitment and protocols, advise on schools that provide the right fit for the student, and assists students with documentation and presentation.

The atmosphere at GMJA, including the coaching, tournament schedule and academic assistance stimulate the lifestyle of a college golfer, which prepares our students for their futures as student athletes.In order to facilitate the best possible results in our students’ careers, we provide year-end counseling session to all of our students to make sure they are on the right track and subside any problems that may have arisen during the year.


GMJA has been tremendously successful in helping our students secure scholarships at some of the best post-secondary institutes in the USA and have built wide networks with colleges and universities to better assist our students in securing scholarships.