Justin Shin
Our Shin family greatly appreciate GMJA for giving Justin an outstanding support and guidance in directing and planning his career. He was able to pull out such a great success in golf and been able to perform at his full potential. We strongly believe that GMJA will grow further and become leader in the industry.


Kevin Kwon
There is no doubt that GMJA is the industry leading golf academy. Its well structured schedules and excellent coaching team have helped me gain confidence in game as well as greatly increasing my potential. I have a clear vision and goals for my future and many thanks to GMJA for guidance and great support.


Richard Jung
From basic fundamentals to precise and high level playing skills. GMJA   has taught me everything I need for a great success in my golf career. I am now playing at a tour level, and I appreciate the help and support from GMJA for making it all possible.


Brian Jung
I am truly enjoying the college tour at Oregon State University. GMJA’s mental training has greatly helped me in controlling tempers when playing in college tournaments. I believe that the tournament experiences gained from GMJA’s planned tournament schedules would greatly increase players’ potential and develop the mental ability required to play at higher level in their futures.


Han Baek
The professional tour preparation program at GMJA definitely got me where I am right now. I am currently playing in Korean PGA tour and I strongly feel that I was fully prepared entering the tour. I have been with GMJA for my entire golf career and I have no doubt that I could be anywhere near if I was not part of GMJA.


Ki Young Jung
GMJA not only helps students for success in golf, but for success in academic career as well. I have been with GMJA from the beginning and was able to receive one of the best educational supports in Canada and I was able to achieve an outstanding academic performance. I was able to retain my academic performance while developing high level of skills in golf. GMJA’s well-structured schedules and curriculums have definitely provided incentives for being part of GMJA.


Tom Bang
Studying was just not my thing, but I really enjoyed studying with GMJA’s educational programs. I never really thought that I would ever receive good grades at school. However, with SD 42 Golf Program that boast players’ both golf and academic performance, I was able to enter university with golf scholarship. I am grateful that I was able to be part of GMJA.


Lily He
GMJA offers one of the best coaching teams in Canada. The coaches were providing me the detail status of my game and using their teaching technologies, they greatly helped me in improving my game in golf. I really enjoy being part of GMJA and I would definitely recommend GMJA for students who want to excel in their games.